It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the way MINUIT is used. Refer to the MINUIT manual for more information about MINUIT.

C-MINUIT is designed for using MINUIT in non-interactive mode: the user specifies both the fcn() function to be minimized and the main() function that is executed on startup. main() or a C function invoked by main() calls MINUIT, which in turn calls fcn() to find out about the function's current value.

A simple example is given in the m-test.c file. You are strongly advised to copy m-test.c and modify it rather than creating a program from scratch. The file README contains information on adding your own programs to the automake mechanism, as well as important usage information. Please note that it is not intended to replace the MINUIT manual, it does not explain any of the details of MINUIT, like the choice of minimizer, the consequences of parameter limits, etc.